Hackers Host Malicious payloads on Google Cloud Storage to Bypass Security System

[ Dec 27, 2018 ]

Cybercriminals abusing legitimate Google Cloud Storage services to host the malicious payload and delivered to compromise the organization networks through bypassing the security controls.

In this case, Attackers targeting Google Cloud Storage service domain storage.googleapis.com which is used by many companies around the world.

This campaign mainly targeting employees of banks and financial services companies which resides in the U.S. and the UK since August.

This attack initially distributed via email campaign that contain attached phishing links pointed to the malicious website which is hosted in Google Cloud Sevices.

Researchers analyzed and found that 4,600 phishing sites that used legit hosting services which is also called as “reputation-jacking”, a method to hiding behind well-known, popular hosting services to evade the detection.


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