Android Malware Hits Victims in 196 Countries

[ Jan 04, 2019 ] New Android malware hit more than 100,000 users in 196 countries before Google removed it from Google Play — and it continues to steal personal information from users across the globe. Researchers at Trend Micro found ANDROIDOS_MOBSTSPY, spyware that disguised itself as six different Android apps, five of which were... Continue Reading →

Google Partially Patches Flaw in Chrome for Android 3 Years After Disclosure

[ Jan 04, 2019 ] Google has finally patched a privacy vulnerability in its Chrome web browser for Android that exposes users' device model and firmware version, eventually enabling remote attackers to identify unpatched devices and exploit known vulnerabilities. The vulnerability, which has not yet given any CVE number, is an information disclosure bug that... Continue Reading →

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