Real-time location data for over 11,000 Indian buses left exposed online

[ Jan 08, 2019 ] Researcher finds real-time GPS and bus route information from 27 Indian transportation agencies left exposed online via an ElasticSearch server.Over 11,000 buses in India have been left exposed on the internet for over three weeks. The server contained data aggregated from 27 Indian state-owned transportation agencies and included exact, real-time... Continue Reading →

Thousands of Internet connected hot tubs vulnerable to remote attacks

[ Jan 08, 2019 ] According to the research from a Buckinghamshire-based security group Pen Test Partners, hot tubs can also be hacked using an app simply because there isn’t any authentication process in place. Reportedly, 26,000 hot tubs are currently vulnerable to be hacked and controlled remotely and anyone can perform the hacking by... Continue Reading →

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