Update now! Adobe Acrobat and Reader have critical flaws

[ Jan 08, 2019 ]

Adobe has patched two critical flaws in Acrobat and Reader that warrant urgent attention.

Officially, Adobe patches security vulnerabilities around the middle of each month to coordinate with Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday, but recently it’s become almost routine for the company to issue out-of-band updates in between.

The first flaw, identified as CVE-2018-16011, is described by Adobe as a use-after-free bug that could be exploited using a maliciously crafted PDF to take control of a target system with their malware of choice.

The second, CVE-2018-16018 (replacing CVE-2018-19725), is a security bypass targeting JavaScript API restrictions on Adobe Reader DC and seems to have been in the works since before Christmas.

In December’s Patch Tuesday, Adobe released a not inconsiderable 87 patches, including 39 rated critical.


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