India saw 457% rise in cybercrime in five years: Study

[ JAN 10, 2019]

India has witnessed a 457% rise in cybercrime incidents under the
Information Technology (IT) Act, 2000 from the year 2011 to 2016,
a recent ASSOCHAM-NEC joint study said.
Symantec Corp ranked India among top five countries to be affected
by cyber crime, between 2012-17, the number of internet users grew
at a CAGR of 44%, of which India is placed third after US and
Using latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data
Analytics, Facial Recognition, IoT etc., to identify and catch
suspects/criminals, have gained much awareness among various law
enforcement agencies.

However, the implementation of these
technologies is not on a national level but on a state level, which
makes it crucial for the central government to fund and support state
level law enforcement agencies to utilize technologies to upgrade
their policing methods, noted the study.
Indian government and multiple law enforcement agencies have
taken lead in curbing growing cyber crime.
State government and State police are developing new anti-cyber
crime measures and gathering methods to tackle it with the help of
central government and private organizations.
Other initiatives are establishing cyber crime labs, response centers,
cyber forensic labs etc., and training officers to identify and solve
cyber crimes.




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