Microsoft Office Vulnerability Exposes User Data, Including Passwords

[ JAN 11, 2019 ] A vulnerability in Microsoft Office allowed documents with embedded ActiveX controls to leak user information, including sensitive information like passwords. The flaw was discovered by Israel-based company Mimecast in November, and according to a timeline published by the firm, it was reported to Microsoft on November 6. The software giant... Continue Reading →

New Systemd Privilege Escalation Flaws Affect Most Linux Distributions

[ JAN 11, 2019 ] Security researchers have discovered three vulnerabilities in Systemd, a popular init system and service manager for most Linux operating systems, that could allow unprivileged local attackers or malicious programs to gain root access on the targeted systems. The vulnerabilities, assigned as CVE-2018-16864, CVE-2018-16865, and CVE-2018-16866, actually resides in the "systemd-journald"... Continue Reading →

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