Newly discovered Anatova ransomware comes packed with additional functionalities

[ JAN 24, 2019 ]

A new ransomware family tracked as ‘Anatova’ has been spotted by security researchers recently. Infections with the ransomware have been observed all over the world, most of them being in the United States, followed by some countries in Europe.

The Anatova ransomware leverages the icon of a game or an application to trick users into downloading it. The goal of the malware is to encrypt all or many files on an infected system and demand ransom to unlock them.

According to a report from McAfee researchers, the attackers can use the ransomware to demand a ransom of up to $700 from a victim.

The ransomware includes an anti-analysis routine that gets triggered only under specific conditions. Apart from this, its extended capabilities allow it to become an-all-in one malware tool.

It targets files that are 1MB in size or smaller to make the encryption process quick. Once encrypted, these files are not appended with any specific extension.

Unlike other ransomware, it adds the ransom note only to the folder where it encrypted at least one file.

Cyber Security Tips :

Change default login credentials on your systems,

– Use strong and unique passwords,

– Keep your operating system and software up-to-date,

– Avoid downloading and running untrusted files or clicking links,

– Take backup of their data regularly, and

– Prevent unauthorized connection using a firewall.


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