Smart Home devices vulnerable to remote attacks due to weak credentials

[ FEB 27, 2019 ]

Smart Home devices such as smart TVs, security cameras, gaming consoles, baby monitors, etc are vulnerable to cyber attacks. These devices are vulnerable to attacks due to outdated software, unpatched security flaws, and weak credentials. Avast scanned more than 16 million devices worldwide and published the findings in its report.

Two out of five (40.8%) smart home devices worldwide have at least one device that is vulnerable to attacks.

Routers connect all smart home devices, therefore, a router that is vulnerable to attack poses risk to all the connected IoT devices.

59.7% of routers are either vulnerable due to security bugs or weak credentials.

59.1% of users have never logged in to their router or have never updated its firmware.

Cyber Security Tips:   

    – Since smart home devices are vulnerable to attacks due to weak credentials, unpatched vulnerabilities, or outdated software, consumers need to be educated on best practices.

    – Consumers must periodically rotate their router passwords and must set their passwords to unique, complex, and strong passwords.

    – They must regularly update their firmware and must ensure that their firmware is up-to-date.


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