Facebook Stored Hundreds of Millions of Users Password in Plain Text

[ March 22, 2019 ]

Facebook Stored their hundreds of millions of users password in plain text instead of masking it as a human-Unreadable format.

These millions of unencrypted plain text passwords are accessible by thousands of internal Facebook employees.

This incident mainly affected the hundreds of millions of users who have regularly accessed Facebook lite, a lightweight Facebook version for the users who all are in the regions with lower connectivity.

Other than that, tens of millions of other Facebook users and tens of thousands of Instagram users password also stored in plaintext.

a security investigation told that there are nearly 200 million to 600 million users password may have been stored in human-readable plain text format.

Facebook said,  The issue has been fixed and as a precaution we will be notifying everyone whose passwords we have found were stored in this way.

Cyber Security Tips :

– The organization should always hash the password, a cryptographic process that helps to store the user’s sensitive information such as a password in a human-unreadable format that allows no one can read the data even if the system will be compromised.

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