Popular Video Editing Software Website Hacked to Spread Banking Trojan

[ April 12, 2019 ]

The official website of the VSDC software — one of the most popular, free video editing and converting app with over 1.3 million monthly visitors was hacked.

hackers hijacked the VSDC website and replaced its software download links leading to malware versions, tricking visitors into installing dangerous Win32.Bolik.2 banking trojan and KPOT stealer.

According to the researchers, at least 565 visitors downloaded VSDC software infected with the banking trojan, while 83 users has had their systems infected with the information stealer.

VSDC site has been hacked several times in the past years. Just last year, unknown hackers managed to gain administrative access to its website and replaced the download links.

Cyber Security Tips:

– In case any user  has downloaded the software,  it is recommended to  immediately install antivirus software, with the latest up-to-date definitions, and scan your system for malware.
Beside this, affected users are also recommended to change their passwords for important social media and banking websites after cleaning the systems or from a separate device.


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