Google Patches Critical Vulnerabilities in Android’s Media Framework

[ April 03, 2019 ] Google has released its April 2019 set of security patches for the Android platform, which fixes three Critical vulnerabilities, including two that affect the Media framework component. Tracked as CVE-2019-2027 and CVE-2019-2028, the two security flaws could be exploited remotely by attackers to execute code on vulnerable devices. Android versions... Continue Reading →


Insecure UC Browser ‘Feature’ Lets Hackers Hijack Android Phones Remotely

[ March 27, 2019 ] China-made UC Browser contains a "questionable" ability that could be exploited by remote attackers to automatically download and execute code on your Android devices. UC Browser is one of the most popular mobile browsers, specifically in China and India, with a massive user base of more than 500 million users... Continue Reading →

Multiple Vulnerabilities Patched in PuTTY and LibSSH2

[ March 22, 2019 ] PuTTY, an SSH and Telnet client program, and LibSSH2, a client-side C library for the SSH2 protocol, have both received updates fixing multiple vulnerabilities. Seven of the eight PuTTY vulnerabilities were found through the auspices of the EU-FOSSA bug bounty project being operated through HackerOne and Intigriti/Deloitte. Eight vulnerabilities have... Continue Reading →

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