Microsoft Cortana Vulnerability Allows Hackers to Browse With Your Locked Computer

[Aug 17, 2018] Cortana is a virtual personal assistant and brings the search results to form the Bing, researchers spotted the links offered are clickable even though the device is locked. This allows an attacker to force navigation to a website. New privilege escalation vulnerability with Cortana allows an attacker with physical access to do... Continue Reading →


Microsoft Patch Tuesday: 60 vulnerabilities resolved including two active exploits

[Aug 16, 2018] Microsoft's Windows Patch Tuesday resolves a total of 60 vulnerabilities, many of them critical, in addition to two zero-day security flaws which are being actively used in attacks today. The update impacts the Windows operating system, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Office services and apps, ChakraCore, the .NET Framework, Microsoft Exchange and... Continue Reading →

Adobe Released August Patch Covering 11 Vulnerabilities That Affects Multiple Popular Adobe Products

[Aug 16, 2018] Adobe August security updates cover’s 11 security vulnerabilities including two critical vulnerabilities with the most popular Adobe Acrobat and Reader. With the last July, Tuesday patch Adobe released Security Updates & Fixes for 112 Vulnerabilities that Affected Multiple Adobe Products. The Updates which has been released by Adobe on Following Products: Adobe... Continue Reading →

VMware Released Critical Security Updates

[Aug 16, 2018] VMware has released Security patches that affected multiple products includes vSphere, Workstation, Fusion, and Virtual Appliances. Successful exploitation of these vulnerability leads to sensitive information disclosure.  Security patches which has released as below: VMSA-2018-0021 With the security update, VMware address L1 Terminal Fault OS vulnerability in VMware Virtual Appliances, successful exploitation of... Continue Reading →

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