Cyber Security News (21st July 2018)

1. "MoneyTaker" Hackers Stole $1 Million From Russian Bank A cybercriminal group referred to as MoneyTaker recently managed to steal nearly $1 million from PIR Bank (Russia), according to cybercrime research firm Group-IB. The theft was performed on July 3 through the Russian Central Bank’s Automated Workstation Client. The hackers managed to transfer the funds... Continue Reading →


Cyber Security News (20th July 2018)

1. America’s largest diagnostics service LabCorp suffers massive data breach According to a DailyMail’s report, cybercriminals have managed to breach the security of America’s leading clinical laboratory and medical diagnostics center LabCorp that can put health records of not thousands but millions of patients at risk. The breach occurred over the weekend during which hackers... Continue Reading →

Cyber Security News (19th July 2018)

1. 60% of Indian computers vulnerable – Avast CTO   Avast Antivirus chief technical officer and executive vice-president Ondrej Vlcek said that over 60% of the personal computers in India were vulnerable to cyber-crimes. As many as 18% of routers, 17% phones, 14% printers, 25% network associated storages, 4% security cameras and 2% media boxes... Continue Reading →

Cyber Security News (18th July 2018)

1. Hackers attack MGM Hospital in Vashi, Navi Mumbai The MGM New Bombay Hospital, Vashi, has said its system fell prey to a ransomware attack on Sunday night. Around 9 p.m. on Sunday, a system message popped saying that  system had been hacked and authority should contact the culprits to retrieve the data. Attackers had... Continue Reading →

Cyber Security News (17th July 2018)

1. India Telecom Regulator: ‘Users Have Primary Data Rights’ Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Says, Organizations 'should be restrained from using metadata to identify individual users.' The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has advised stricter rules around data protection and taken a stance on users' information control: The institutions that collect and handle personal... Continue Reading →

Cyber Security News (16th July 2018)

1. A highly targeted malware campaign is spying on iPhones in India A dangerous targeted mobile malware campaign has been identified by security researchers, which is believed to have been active since August 2015. Researchers claim that the malware is discovered to be spying on 13 specific iPhones in India, which hints at the fact... Continue Reading →

Cyber Security News (13th July 2018)

1. New Spectre 1.1 and Spectre 1.2 CPU vulnerabilities exposed There are two new related CPU flaws to add to the mix with the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities saga. Dubbed Spectre 1.1 and Spectre 1.2, the vulnerabilities exploit speculative execution and can modify data and bypass sandboxes. Two security researchers have disclosed details of the... Continue Reading →

Cyber Security News (12th July 2018)

1. Banks Suffer an Average of 3.8 Data Leak Incidents Per Week New study examines how financial services information gets sold and shared in the Dark Web. In the past year, there's been a 135% jump in bank data for sale on the Dark Web. A new report from IntSights Cyber Intelligence shows financial services... Continue Reading →

Cyber Security News (11th July 2018)

1.  Microsoft Releases Patch Updates for 53 Vulnerabilities In Its Software Microsoft has released security patch updates for 53 vulnerabilities, affecting Windows, Internet Explorer (IE), Edge, ChakraCore, .NET Framework, ASP.NET, PowerShell, Visual Studio, and Microsoft Office and Office Services, and Adobe Flash Player.Out of 53 vulnerabilities, 17 are rated critical, 34 important, one moderate and... Continue Reading →

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